Skylar Grey And Sasha Grey: The Difference Between Eminems Leading Ladies (на англ.)

Eminem has recently aligned himself with two «Grey» women. We know, it’s hard to keep up.

While one is a singer and the other is an actress it may be confusing to distinguish between the ladies considering both stage names begin with an «S» and end in «Grey.» The good folks here at RapFix decided to help you out, outlining which Grey is singing the hook on «I Need a Doctor» and the Grey who would be the naughty nurse. 

Sasha Grey used to be Marina Ann Hantzis; Skylar Grey used to be Holly Brook
While Sasha Grey’s government name may not ring a bell Skylar’s might. Prior to being the red-haired siren on Eminem’s «I Need a Doctor,» Lupe Fiasco’s «Words I Never Said» and Diddy-Dirty Money’s «Coming Home», Skylar Grey went by Holly Brook (full name Holly Brook Hafermann). You might remember her from Fort Minor’s hit single «Where’d You Go.» Sasha Grey adopted her name when she ventured into the adult film industry at the age of 18.

Sasha Grey won AVN Awards; Skylar Grey won Grammy Awards
Sasha has been sweeping adult film award show ceremonies since 2007. The AVN (Adult Video News) and XRCO(X-rated Critics Organization) have both recognized Grey’s skills in the adult film business for several years. While some may think this is a small feat, think of the number of adult films that exist in the entire industry. Grey has managed to stand out amongst all of them. This past year the AVN honored her with multiple awards. XRCO gave Sasha the 2009 Awards for Female Performer of the Year and Mainstream Adult Favorite. Skylar Grey hasn’t received that many accolades. However, she was nominated for the Grammys Song of the Year and Best Rap Song on Eminem’s «Love the Way You Lie» and shares a win with Em on Best Rap Album for the song being present on Recovery.

Sasha Grey Starred in The Girlfriend Experience; Skylar Grey Helped a Good Girl Gone Bad
Sasha Grey has an interesting dichotomy in her career where she doubles as a porn star and a regular actress. While Sasha is no stranger to the adult film beat, she also works on major films and television shows. Many know her from her role in HBO’s «Entourage,» where she plays a fictional version of herself, dating Vinnie Chase (Adrian Grenier) and starring in porns slash feature films. She recently received the lead role in the Steven Soderbergh film The Girlfriend Experience, where she played the role of «Chelsea» an escort turned girlfriend decoy. Skylar Grey has a less polarized dichotomy in her career. Skylar is both a singer and songwriter. While she’s flexed her chops on the aforementioned singles, Skylar co-wrote Rihanna’s vocals in all three versions of «Love the Way You Lie.» In addition, Skylar co-wrote her part on «Coming Home» with Jay-Z and Diddy, along with penning «Castle Walls» with T.I. and Christina Aguilera.

Sasha Grey’s Body Is Featured In Music Videos; Skylar Grey’s Voice Is Featured In Music Videos
In between acting roles in a variety of films and shows, Sasha Grey has also traveled the music video circuit. Of course, the whole reason for this list was due in part to Sasha Grey’s role in the upcoming Eminem video for «Space Bound». However, prior to that, Sasha Grey was also featured in Smashing Pumpkins’ video for «Superchrist» back in 2007, along with the Roots’ video for «Birthday Girl» in 2008. Skylar Grey hasn’t appeared in many music videos. However, her voice was all over Diddy-Dirty Money’s «Coming Home» video, and back when she was Holly Brook she had a role in Fort Minor’s video for «Where’d You Go.» Rumor has it she will be appearing in the video for «I Need a Doctor» with Eminem, Dr. Dre and producer Alex Da Kid.

Sasha Grey Has Modeled; Skylar Grey Has Albums
Sasha Grey is also a print and runway model. The star was featured in American Apparel ads, part of Vice Magazine’s Anti-Fashion spread and was nude for PETA in support of Animal Birth Control. While no stranger to being naked in public, Sasha was also Playboy’s cover girl for their October issue last year. She was also a Prêt-à-Porter model for Max Azria’s Manoukian line. Skylar Grey was a mini-folk star in her younger years. As a kid she was in a group called Generations with her mother and released three albums independently: Dream Maker, Lift Me, and Millennial Child/Waiting For You. When she recorded as Holly Brook, Skylar released an album in 2006 titled Like Blood Like Honey.

By Kathy Iandoli, 22.02.2011